Is Trans d Tropin a Scam?

Trans d User Investigates – Is Trans D Tropin a Scam?

Nowadays every time we purchase a product the question in our mind is could this be a scam? Am, I making the right decision?

In the case of Trans d Tropin – with me happened in a different way. I first met and watched a presentation delivered by Dr. Buttar, the creator of Trans d, on a Vancouver event that had nothing to do with Health and Wellness but he was invited to speak.

He was simply fascinating and his speech was more centered around the number of atoms we have in our body and how important is for us to understand the power of our own body and how many toxic substances we take in through different sources on a daily basis including the highly toxic ( containing mercury) vaccines.

I had to dig deep and research on the net until I finally made a connection between Dr. Buttar and Trans d Tropin. I discovered that this lotion he developed is made up of amino acids.

Long story short I wanted to experience this “miracle” product some call the “fountain of youth” I made a purchase and now after 5 months of use I can tell you for sure that Trans d Tropin is NOT a scam. I was at first concerned that a product which sells for $195 for a month supply, was a bit watery but then, once I saw the results, good sleep with many colourful dreams, increase in energy and libido, overall well being and a release of stress made me a believer.

I am buying it for 6 months straight and have improved many of my body and mind functions. I was supposed to see the Doctor 5 months ago because of an incident when I called 911 and was short of breath, they never told me want was wrong since I have no heart problems but no need to go see my physician anymore since I feel GREAT.

The anti aging effect of Trans D Tropin cannot tell much because though I feel younger and many tell me so it may have been there before I started on trans D so no sense to lie about it.

BUT for whatever it is worth you should at least give trans d tropin a try.

review by Grace Charlett

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Study Finds No Trans d tropin Side Effects

Study on Trans-D Tropin side effects – Transdermal Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) Analog Efficacy Was Far Beyond Expectation.

Trans-D Tropin ® introduction:

  • Clinically tested using subjective SF-36 patient outcome based study parameters.
  • Continually undergoing randomized, multicentered, double blind, placebo controlled, cross-over studies monitoring numerous objective serum and urine parameters.
  • United States FDA registered with all ingredients GRAS classified. (National Drug Code # 65448-2115-1)
  • Applied transdermally by simply rubbing into skin.
  • Comprised of ingredients from non-animal sources, consisting of amino acids and fatty acids. All ‘active component’ ingredients are 100% natural.
  • Very affordable when compared to other treatment options.


Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM    Dean C. Viktora, PhD    Michael E. Quinn, EMT-P

Objective: We conducted a patient outcome based study investigating the possible efficacy of certain natural hypothalamotroph-specific poly-peptide combinants which appear to emulate the action of GHRH resulting in a more efficacious release of endogenous GH.

Background: Although the GH injections and secretagogues do offer many benefits for the limitations of aging, the need for a safer and more effective modality of therapy has long been warranted.

Methods: 35 patients were started on the study with 30 completing the study. The groups were divided into sedentary and athletic groups. A total of 22 subjective criteria were monitored including: sense of well being, overall energy, mental clarity, emotional stability, memory improvement, mood improvement, skin thickness, skin elasticity, wrinkle disappearance, new hair growth, skin texture, healing of old injuries, healing of overall injuries, range of motion, incidence of illness, body contour change, facial contour change, sexual frequency, sexual stamina, libido, quality of erection/arousal, and change in nocturia. Objective criteria measured were muscle strength, overall energy, exercise endurance and quality of sleep. Changes were recorded by a self-assessment methodology using a scale of -5 to +5 with 0 as base line. This accepted modality of evaluation with previous precedent having been set was chosen for this patient outcome based study. Laboratory data consisting of pre- and post- treatment IGF-1 levels and base line chemistries were also obtained.

Results: In less than one week, changes experienced were overwhelmingly positive. Improvements were reported of 282.98% in the female subjects and 352.38% in male subjects. Muscle strength increased by 81.0%. Endurance increased by 60.0%. Quality of sleep improved by 92.6%. Overall energy increased by 71.4%. Total mean improvement of all 4 objective criteria increased by 76.6%. Interestingly, the 3 week post study IGF-1 levels dropped 20.39% within both athletic and sedentary study groups with a 27.16% drop in IGF-1 levels in the female patients and a 14.61% drop in IGF-1 levels in the male patient population.

Conclusions: Efficacy was far beyond expectation. Objectively measured increases in muscular strength conclusively show this GHRH analog to be clinically superior for resistance training as compared to hGH injections. Simplicity of trans-dermal administration also appears to lead to a greater compliance. Substantial improvements in all criteria are further validation of Trans-D Tropin® ‘ as not only an effective alternative to hGH injections but perhaps a replacement of the more costly, potentially dangerous and less compliant injection treatments. The lack of correlation between clinical improvement and increasing IGF-1 levels also warrants re-evaluation of our currently accepted understanding of IGF-1 levels. The results of this study strongly warrant further clinical research of this GHRH analog.

Read the full study including references here …

Trans d Tropin History

Some Trans-D Tropin® History

V-SAB Medical Laboratories, Inc., an FDA registered laboratory, completed the research on the long anticipated and world’s first and only trans-dermal growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) analog. Combining 4 years of clinical research on new peptide sequencing methodologies and 5 years of laboratory research perfecting the innovative delivery technology utilized in Trans-D Tropin®, the new therapeutic agent was made available to the medical community in July 1999.

This astounding new GHRH analog administered by a trans-dermal route (through the skin), is known as Trans D Tropin® and was assigned its National Drug Code (NDC # 65448-2115-1) by the FDA in December of 1999. Although all natural, Trans-D Tropin® was originally available ONLY by prescription through doctor’s offices or select pharmacies it’s now available to everyone.

Trans-D Tropin® has been clinically shown to objectively raise ENDOGENOUS (the bodies own) hGH (human growth hormone)) levels. The results of a multi-centered, double blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study conclusively demonstrate the efficacy of Trans-D Tropin® and definitively show an increase in endogenous hGH levels. The data collected was found to be more than statistically significant with the subjective response in study patients to be highly impressive.

Growth hormone levels were measured by hGH radio immuno-assay testing. The study data tabulated to date, reflects an increase of 462.4% in hGH levels within 90 minutes of using Trans-D Tropin® compared to baseline during initial usage. After 2 weeks of regularly using Trans-D Tropin®, the endogenous hGH levels increased by 815.6% from baseline to 90 minutes. At week 5, the endogenous hGH levels increased by 1754.2% from baseline to 90 minutes after Trans-D Tropin® application.

Previous to the advent of Trans-D Tropin®, the only effective method of increasing hGH was via a para-enteral route (sub-Q injections). This increase in hGH levels was due to the introduction of EXOGENOUS (outside the body) recombinant, synthetic hGH. All other substances such as secretagogues including sub-linguals, oral sprays, homeopathics, powders, amino acid stacks, pills, tablets and effervescents have never been clinically proven to increase hGH levels.

In addition to an increase in ENDOGENOUS hGH levels within 90 minutes of usage, other changes in serum parameters were also noted while using Trans-D Tropin®. These included a consistent decrease in IGF-1 levels, which has begun to re-establish fundamental principals of endocrinology that are well supported by published studies, clinical observation, original research, as well as basic principals of physiology. In addition, a dramatic decrease in glucose levels (especially in diabetics) and a decrease in cortisol levels were noted within 90 minutes of using Trans-D Tropin® compared to baseline levels.

Trans-D Tropin’s® active constituents are all natural amino acids, combined using an extraordinarily unique and technologically advanced process highly sought after by several pharmaceutical companies. Combined with the proprietary and innovative trans-dermal delivery mechanism, Trans-D Tropin® has now set a precedence by which all other “GH increasers” will be measured in the future.

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Trans D Tropin Explained

Trans-D Tropin’s® active constituents are all natural amino acids and fatty acids, combined with each other using an extraordinarily unique and technologically advanced process already highly sought after by several pharmaceutical companies in the past.

Essentially, the process to create Trans-D Tropin® mimics the in vivo process of protein conjugation. In other words, the process of producing Trans-D Tropin® is very similar to the way your body breaks down a turkey sandwich and then uses the amino acids to build up proteins in your body.

The result is an “analog” of GHRH or substance that acts like GHRH in the body. However, the constituent ingredients of Trans-D Tropin® are nothing more than amino acids and fatty acids. It is important to remember that it is NOT the ingredients, but rather HOW the ingredients are put together, that allow Trans-D Tropin® to work as effectively as it does (see below). The analogy would be having all the ingredients of the perfect cake, but if you don’t know HOW to mix the ingredients or how to bake the cake and put everything together, it will not come out looking or tasting the right way. Combined with the proprietary and innovative trans-dermal delivery mechanism, Trans-D Tropin® has now set a precedence by which all other similar products will be measured in the future.

The physiological concept:

The physiological approach utilized to formulate Trans-D Tropin® is of paramount importance. Rather than emulate the desired end product with a synthetic substance, the goal was to identify the messenger that would allow the body to increase the desired end product by increasing the body’s own production. Once identified, the messenger was mimicked and utilized to increase the desired end product endogenously.

In the case of Trans-D Tropin® , this approach allowed for the identification of the various hypothalamic specific poly-peptides (collectively referred to as hypothalamic poly-peptide combinants) which form GHRH. GHRH is responsible for the release of growth hormone from the pituitary. Thus, Trans-D Tropin® (various hypothalamic specific poly-peptide combinants) is a GHRH analog or mimicker, emulating the function of GHRH and resulting in an increase in the natural pulsatile release of endogenous GH.

The polypeptide sequencing technology:

The sequencing technology utilized to manufacture Trans-D Tropin® is far more advanced than any currently available and estimated by some scientists to be 15 to 20 years ahead of it’s time. Very simply, this technology allows for the creation of any poly-peptide sequence. In this specific case, it allows for the creation of hormonal messenger analogs, mimicking the action of the body’s own endogenous hormonal messengers. It is important to realize that simply blending amino acids or combining amino acid stacks will not accomplish the task achieved by Trans-D Tropin® (or any of the other unique trans-dermal poly-peptides by Balance Dermaceuticals® ).

To best understand this concept, think of your own body’s composition. If you take the exact chemical constituents that make up your own body down to every single component, add the necessary amount of water and bring the resulting concoction up to 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit, would you have a clone of yourself? How about another human? How about anything that even resembles life? The answer is, obviously not. However, the real question that must be asked is, what makes you physically different from the concoction that you just created? The answer: It’s “HOW” you were put together that makes you different from the concoction that you attempted to put together and NOT the ingredients. This is the reason why Trans-D Tropin® and the other trans-dermally delivered amino-acid (changed to polypeptide complexes in vivo) by Balance Dermaceuticals® are so efficacious. It is the unique method by “How” these amino acids are delivered and more importantly, how they assimilate and combine once they are introduced into the system that makes them so efficacious.

The trans-dermal delivery method:

A relatively uncharted area of science incorporates the utilization of EFAs (essential fatty acids) as a mechanical means of therapy, such as employment in a drug delivery system. Already, the delivery method for a number of unique experimental treatment modalities such as B Lymphocyte stimulators as well as established treatment modalities such as growth hormone releasing hormone analogs utilizing polypeptide synthesis technologies (Trans-D Tropin® ) have been achieved utilizing EFAs as the mode of transport. The delicate nature of these polypeptide sequences renders them susceptible to denaturing by gastrointestinal acids and digestive enzymes as well as the fact that our modern day society has created a tremendous vacillation in gut function and poor gut absorption. This results in preventing oral delivery mechanism from being a viable option. Conventional paraenteral routes (IV, IM or SQ injections) raise the issue of compliance due to the necessity for daily injections as well as the concern for convenience. The very sensitive nature of these polypeptide structures, which result in actions analogous to hormones, thus prevents traditional drug delivery mechanisms from being utilized.

Utilizing specific combinations of EFAs with other carrier substances, these new polypeptide treatment modalities now have a way of being delivered into the system in a trans-dermal manner without the concerns of denaturing or issues regarding compliance. Evito is one such trans-dermal delivery modality utilized to deliver the active constituents of Trans-D Tropin® . Furthermore, not only do these EFA trans-dermal transport delivery mechanisms allow for convenient dosing, but they have also been actually found to contribute to stabilizing the polypeptide structures. Not surprisingly, assimilation into the system is also achieved beyond that of other delivery mechanisms including other non-EFA trans-dermal delivery mechanisms.