Trans d Tropin History

Some Trans-D Tropin® History

V-SAB Medical Laboratories, Inc., an FDA registered laboratory, completed the research on the long anticipated and world’s first and only trans-dermal growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) analog. Combining 4 years of clinical research on new peptide sequencing methodologies and 5 years of laboratory research perfecting the innovative delivery technology utilized in Trans-D Tropin®, the new therapeutic agent was made available to the medical community in July 1999.

This astounding new GHRH analog administered by a trans-dermal route (through the skin), is known as Trans D Tropin® and was assigned its National Drug Code (NDC # 65448-2115-1) by the FDA in December of 1999. Although all natural, Trans-D Tropin® was originally available ONLY by prescription through doctor’s offices or select pharmacies it’s now available to everyone.

Trans-D Tropin® has been clinically shown to objectively raise ENDOGENOUS (the bodies own) hGH (human growth hormone)) levels. The results of a multi-centered, double blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study conclusively demonstrate the efficacy of Trans-D Tropin® and definitively show an increase in endogenous hGH levels. The data collected was found to be more than statistically significant with the subjective response in study patients to be highly impressive.

Growth hormone levels were measured by hGH radio immuno-assay testing. The study data tabulated to date, reflects an increase of 462.4% in hGH levels within 90 minutes of using Trans-D Tropin® compared to baseline during initial usage. After 2 weeks of regularly using Trans-D Tropin®, the endogenous hGH levels increased by 815.6% from baseline to 90 minutes. At week 5, the endogenous hGH levels increased by 1754.2% from baseline to 90 minutes after Trans-D Tropin® application.

Previous to the advent of Trans-D Tropin®, the only effective method of increasing hGH was via a para-enteral route (sub-Q injections). This increase in hGH levels was due to the introduction of EXOGENOUS (outside the body) recombinant, synthetic hGH. All other substances such as secretagogues including sub-linguals, oral sprays, homeopathics, powders, amino acid stacks, pills, tablets and effervescents have never been clinically proven to increase hGH levels.

In addition to an increase in ENDOGENOUS hGH levels within 90 minutes of usage, other changes in serum parameters were also noted while using Trans-D Tropin®. These included a consistent decrease in IGF-1 levels, which has begun to re-establish fundamental principals of endocrinology that are well supported by published studies, clinical observation, original research, as well as basic principals of physiology. In addition, a dramatic decrease in glucose levels (especially in diabetics) and a decrease in cortisol levels were noted within 90 minutes of using Trans-D Tropin® compared to baseline levels.

Trans-D Tropin’s® active constituents are all natural amino acids, combined using an extraordinarily unique and technologically advanced process highly sought after by several pharmaceutical companies. Combined with the proprietary and innovative trans-dermal delivery mechanism, Trans-D Tropin® has now set a precedence by which all other “GH increasers” will be measured in the future.

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